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Shifting the Mindset of Masculinity

How traditional masculine archetypes create contradictory and confusing traps for men. Today, I was walking back to my desk at work and I accidentally broke a coffee cup in the middle of a frequently used and busy walkway. A fellow male employee stopped and said, “Should I help?” I was a little shocked by the way he said, “Should I help?” because my immediate thought was “Well, yeah of course.” Why wouldn’t you help a fellow human, being regardless of gender, when they are down on the ground cle

5 Apps You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

5 Apps You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Free & low-cost apps to save money, improve your spelling, find email addresses, improve your cybersecurity, and get free stuff.

We all want to make our lives easier and more efficient. It’s a constant struggle between time, money, and doing more with less effort. That can mean ordering takeout one night instead of cooking, paying someone to paint our nails instead of doing it ourselves, grocery delivery, online shopping, etc. I want to share five resou

Sabrina Smashes the Patriarchy

A few weeks ago, Netflix released part three of the series and I squealed with joy to once more delve into the fantastical, dark, and feminist adventures of Sabrina. The thing I love about the show is its strong connections to the political and social commentary of what it’s like to be a woman in today’s world. Sabrina and the other female cast members are so empowered, unapologetic, and for lack of a better word, bad-ass! The series starts with the fallout from season 2 as the Church of Night a

This is Not a Test: Simulation Theory is Here.

I’m really glad Matthew Bellamy didn’t choose another profession. I can’t imagine him doing anything else. He brings such unique falsetto vocals to the world of rock. The electronic, synth, politically charged lyrics, and alternate-reality feel all describe the band’s newest album “Simulation Theory.”

It dropped today after several singles were already released months prior to its release. Singles including “Dig Down,” “Something Human,” and “Pressure.” Today’s album release coincided with anot