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What I Can Do For You

One word can strike fear into the heart of many job seekers. 


Many people do not:

👉 Have the patience 

👉 Know-how 

👉 Time 

👉 Words aren't their forte 

And they are simply overwhelmed by all of today's demands. 

If this sounds like you, this is where I come in. 😎

Much like Liam Neeson, I have acquired many skills over time that make me deadly to this handy-dandy marketing tool. I will find your resume and I will write it. You can rest assured. 😉

I've taken countless workshops and self-guided courses taught by Anne Pryor (a LinkedIn Guru), Kathleen Crandall (personal branding expert), Catherine Byers Breet (job search queen) on all things job search related. This ranges from resumes to networking to LinkedIn to salary negotiation to interviewing. 

I have worked with 4 different career coaches over the span of 10 years including Ashley Stahl, Cindy Edwards, Heather Olson, and Gracie Miller. I have also worked with a confidence coach and a mindset coach. Plus, I should also mention that I worked in corporate America for almost a decade and have a journalism degree. 

I currently work with my former career coach Cindy Edwards at Find Your Fit as her resume writer. I'd love to take your resume from drab to fab at a very affordable price!

What Others Say

I highly recommend Melissa Monson for superbly crafting a winning resume for me.

Contracted through Cindy Edwards’ To Find Your Fit Career Coach, Melissa was immediately able to assimilate thru my old resume in combination with current question/answers we held online to get at the heart of multiple and seemingly disparate skills that I honed as small business owner in the field of upholstery.

Melissa showed great sensitivity to the issues I had as a craftsperson (so labeled “laborer”) seeking a higher, authoritative position that spoke to the business admin roles that had become as important in 20 years of self-employment. She was able to not only use pertinent and important industry jargon/keywords that I would never have known existed had I attempted to write my own again - but also condensed it down to a readable, single page for the most impressive impact.

She did so succinctly and with much the same enthusiasm and energy as I’ve always approached my work and that I wish to convey to each new job opportunity. I feel seen and acknowledged!

Melissa has not only helped me land the job I want and need but has given me a new sense of accomplishment and self-respect. Thank you Melissa!!

Helen Miller

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