Melissa Monson is a Copywriter, Ghostwriter, and Resume Writer.

I am a freelance copywriter, ghostwriter, and resume writer for hire. 


Melissa is amazing to work with, her writing skills are impeccable, she has excellent communication and never misses a deadline. It is such a joy to find a writer who is both talented and professional.

-CAKE Media House for general writing services

What I love about Melissa is that she is not afraid of learning and will always figure 'it' out. Her approach is one of curiosity and willingness to try. It takes courage to make a major career shift and Melissa has courage. Applying what she has learned from her project management career, Melissa is now showing off her amazing communication skills through her work as a copywriter, ghostwriter, and content creator. 

-Cindy Edwards, M.A., Certified Coach and Trainer at Find Your Fit, LLC.

Melissa is a kind, hard-working, friendly, and resilient woman! She's a joy to work with and have on the team. She's good at pivoting, taking feedback, and being creative. Highly recommend! 

-Lauren Sweeney, B.S., Vice President of Business Development at Rise Up For You